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What is the mentality of playing cosplay?

In recent years, more and more cosplay has appeared in the society, and wearing all kinds of exotic clothes has become a bright spot in the crowd. In the subway, the commercial performances can see them. However, some people do not understand this. What kind of mentality is playing cosplay? Let’s take a look together.

First: pure love

I believe everyone knows that they like to play cosplay. Most of them are medical secondary enthusiasts, and they are deeply influenced by the characters in the animation world. So the character of cos is also the person he loves, no matter how his appearance is, just a simple like. For example, when I was a child, I always wanted to be a superman. However, everyone grew up knowing that this is unrealistic, so people often use cosplay to express their love for anime characters.

Second: able to wear women’s clothing

In the real world, many people are dissatisfied with their gender, and cosplay can meet the needs of many people. Nowadays, the makeup and beauty technology has been quite perfect, so many men wear the costumes of an anime female character, and the makeup is almost invisible to everyone, so it is also possible to wear women’s clothing.

Third: In order to become an imaginary self

Many people, because of some setbacks, can’t lift their heads in real life, or they seem very humble. And cosplay can make yourself a different person, and appear in the way you like, let yourself find back to confidence. I can make you become another person by imitating the words and deeds of anime characters.

Fourth for money

Although cosplay walks on the street, it often encounters strange eyes of others, even the grandmother’s spit. However, cosplay is actually a channel for making money. The professional coser can use photo or borrow some commercial performances, and the other is to be the anchor, sitting in front of the camera and chatting with fans, you can receive a lot of gifts.

Cosplay is actually an interest, not much different from singing and dancing. Everyone has a different interest, so everyone should respect others. In fact, cosplay is an art. Although many people think that playing the role of anime doesn’t make any sense, in fact, this can satisfy their spiritual level. You like it. Cosplay?

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